DPP // 18 // Secret Fairy Garden

Instead of spending another day in the hot sun, we decided to go on an adventure just down the road. It’s one of the beauties of the Garden Route – adventures abound. Between Wilderness and Sedgefield there is a quaint little collective farmstall and organic village. A sign at the entrance greets you with a friendly reminder “Your Local Needs You” – a descriptive summary of what you’ll find inside. Local artists and artisans come together to display and sell their creations here. Most of all, Timberland is a great break from the beach with kids. There is a giant jungle-gym, old tractor and even a tree-top zip-line. The wooden huts, open spaces, and wide pathways make it very family-friendly.

The highlight of the cooperative, though, was the secret fairy garden. For R5/person, you enter a lovely forest filled with fairies, pixies, dwarfs, frogs… They are hidden along the dirt path that circles around two small fish ponds. Making this adventure even more fun, was the people I shared this with. Astrid (Tobi’s sister) might be more excited about fairies than I am (crazy right?!), and Mia enjoyed it with all the imagination of a three year old.

IMGP4115 IMGP4109  

IMGP4131  IMGP4147 IMGP4140 After about an hour of exploring the magic of fairies, we headed to the restaurant for drinks and dessert. The girls had wine – Mia’s was appletizer in a wine glass – and Tobi had an “ice cold artisan home-brew Karoo ale”. A delicious end to a delightful morning! IMGP4177

DPP // 09

DPP // 09

For some reason both Tobi and I were in separate bad moods this evening, which not even a stroll on the beach could cure. So we made a quick and easy dinner (still relatively healthy!), and watched a movie. “The Croods” surprised me: witty, clean humour, good animation and music, and actually heartfelt. It goes in my “Tangled” and “Brave” treasure box. Oh, and by the way, we both feel better now!

Henry’s on South

Around Christmas time every year its become a tradition to meet up at one of our favorite local restaurants, Henry’s on South, for an evening of laughter and good wine. Not only do they have a great wine selection, they also have great food and its the perfect little spot to gather around the bar and catch up with friends.







I’m already looking forward to next year!