Snapshots of what we’ve been up to

As you are well aware, we’ve been quiet this month due to redesigning our awesome new website (we hope you like it too!). But we sure have not been sitting still. Here are photos to prove it. Enjoy the update!

Natasja’s snapshots


Lizzie’s snapshots


What have you been doing? Any adventures you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


DPP // 08


Today was the perfect beach day. For the last few weeks the wind has been blowing us away. You know the kind of stormy wind Mary Poppins arrives with?! Well, today it only started blowing at 3 pm! After breakfast (which was more like an early brunch) was served, Tobi and I spent a lovely sunny day relaxing on the beach with our books – he actually read his, while the other beach-goers entertained me. Please notice our brand new beach towels! Now we have no more excuses for not swimming in the ocean… except sharks and the icy cold sea current (Benguela). Also, the lesson learnt today is not to trust a basically empty bottle of spray-on sunscreen. From behind, I look like – as Tobi says – a racing car.