Bainskloof Pass

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One beautiful, clear, and windless Saturday, while on our way home from visiting the Slow Market, Joshua fell asleep in the car just before we reached home.  Parenting 101: do not wake a sleeping baby! As any sane parents would do, we just kept on driving. We’ve heard great things about the Bainskloof Pass – the scenic, not-so-high-way between Wellington and Ceres/Worcester, that forms part of the Limietberg Nature Reserve. So decided it was the perfect time for a little adventure.

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Spending my Saturdays at the Slow Market

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Visiting a local market is my new favourite thing to do. Tobi can attest to my spirits lifting when I drink in the atmosphere of strangers connecting over fresh food and handmade goods in a public space. There are a few Stellenbosch markets that you can choose from, but I have fallen in love with the Slow Market.

Located at Oude Libertas on the slopes of Pappegaaiberg, this market is all about local food, wine and design. I love the cozy layout under the old oak trees, with a view of the surrounding mountains. But it’s the atmosphere that keeps me coming back for more. What sets the Slow Market apart is the intimate space and familiarity of the locals which adds to the down-to-earth community vibe. If you like the Bluebird Garage Market in Muizenberg, you would love this market too.

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Snapshots of what we’ve been up to

As you are well aware, we’ve been quiet this month due to redesigning our awesome new website (we hope you like it too!). But we sure have not been sitting still. Here are photos to prove it. Enjoy the update!

Natasja’s snapshots


Lizzie’s snapshots


What have you been doing? Any adventures you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.