Snapshots: October 2015

October marked the seasons changing. In Stellenbosch we are sleeping with the windows open again, wearing sunscreen and hats and trading my rooibos tea for iced tea (or better yet, Crystal Light that Lizzie brought from the US in March). In Lincoln though the menu changed from white wines to heavier reds, and Halloween costumes had long sleeves.  Lizzie and I are still busy, and getting busier as the end of 2015 draws near. Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.

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Snapshots: September 2015

Lizzie and I didn’t get to connect much this month, in person or on the blog. But it seems we have been up to very similar things… September has been a crazy month on both sides of the Atlantic – where is this year going?! But let’s be honest, board games and wine make the time fly way faster, especially when it’s with friends, old or new.

Lizzie’s Snapshots

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Snapshots: August

August was busy for both Lizzie and I. Our month was filled with travels, hanging out with friends, and spending some quality time with family. All in all, a month of memories.

Natasja’s Snapshots

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