Nectarine Berry Crisp

This is my favorite dessert. Besides cheesecake. And pumpkin bars. And apple crisp. Ok. FINE. It’s ONE of my favorite desserts. I love desserts that aren’t too sweet and have a bit of tart to them. And whenever I’m eating this crisp fresh out of the oven, maybe with a little ice cream, I’m sure it’s my favorite. Besides, we have a thing for berries around here.

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Potatoes with green beans, olives and basil

vegetarian, veggies, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, recipe

One of the first recipes I tried from my favourite cookbook, River Cottage Veg Everyday, has since become my favourite dish. My copy automatically falls open at page 222 – though I really should know the recipe off by heart because of how often I make it!

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Bruwers’ Boerewors Rolls

Recipe, dinner, South Africa, wors, entertaining, hosting

Entertaining people in our house gives me such a rush. I really enjoy having them in my space, and sharing my life and the stuff I love. I especially like planning for such events. Organizing the get-together, brainstorming some decorations or activities, getting the house ready… But serving my guests good and the appropriate amount of food, often leaves me anxious . *Sidenote: that is why Lizzie and I make a great team – she makes delicious and fancy-looking food, and I love creating the atmosphere!

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