Sister Trip To Europe 2015: Prague

When you step onto the cobblestone streets of Prague, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Few European cities (and none that I’ve been too) are as well preserved. Prague is known for its beautiful architecture. It survived WWII mostly intact, so you can see Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, neo-classical and neo-gothic all in one place. And it’s not just the architecture! This city is laid back and clean, with plenty of parks and coffee shops. It’s one of the less expensive European cities and you’ll have best beer you’ve ever tasted. There are about a million reasons to go!

For my sisters and I, Prague was the first stop on our central European Tour. We stayed for 3 nights and 3 days (4 for me, as I arrived a day before Sarah and Hannah) and we had a long list of things we wanted to see and do.

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Planning for Prague: 5 Places At the Top of My List

This August two of my younger sisters and I are going to Europe! We are all just a TAD BIT EXCITED about it. Prague is the first stop on our trip, and we are already dreaming about strolling cobblestone streets, wandering castle courtyards, and drinking the best beer in the world. *sigh* Is it August yet? Read about some of the trip preparations I have already done here.

I think traveling in the age of the internet is delightful, you can learn so much about a place before you even step foot out the door! But the amount of information is overwhelming at the same time. How do we choose?!

Well, for this trip my sisters and I decided to spend our time with the things we know we will love most, and not worry too much about what we are “supposed” to see beyond the general highlights. Here is our list to help guide us: Picnics, time to explore and walk around, parks, castles, old cafes or restaurants, best local coffee shops, views of the city, markets, and a few of the top attractions.

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