Chicken Florentine Pasta

Spring weather is here! Our little garden is growing and I am excited for the tomatoes and basil to start making Chicken Florentine pasta! Literally. For them to make me pasta, with themselves. Grammer. Who needs it. *Ahem* moving on…

This our favorite recipe right now, Neal loves it and it is easy to make. And it has fresh basil, so obviously I’m in. My sister Abby recommended it to me after she made it, found on one of our favorite food blogs, Pioneer Woman. You can find the original recipe here.

One of my favorite things about this recipe is how forgiving it is. You really don’t need to measure after you have made it once or twice and have and idea of how you like the flavors.Read More →

Chicken Noodle Soup

Its been cold here in Lincoln, NE and around my house that means its soup weather! I have made butternut squash soup and black bean soup already, both my choices and they turned out pretty well!

This time I made chicken noodle, mostly because Neal loves it. I’d never made it from scratch before, so I was hoping it would turn out. Neal said it was pretty good (that’s like a 4 star compliment coming from him) and he said I should put dumplings in it next time. One thing at a time!

I made this soup a few Saturdays ago, after I went to the grocery store. Saturday is cooking day at my house. I try and make a few things that will keep in the fridge during the week, because I’m not home to cook most nights. (Ok, so by that I mean I don’t want to cook on week nights) I love Pioneer Woman recipes, so I used this one of hers.

First you put the chicken in the pot. A whole chicken!

Then you cut up the veggies, carrot, celery and one onion. I put in extra carrots and celery, I didn’t count. Its soup, it’s hard to screw up.

Then you put the veggies in the pot with a whole lot of chicken broth (64 oz!). I used chicken broth and water, it says in the recipe you can, but after tasting it later I would recommend all chicken broth. It gives it a richer flavor. Then add a bay leaf. I added two, I like bay leaf. I also added thyme and a bit of rosemary. Mostly just because I felt like it.

This is what my kitchen looks like after I go shopping, the groceries are half put away and I had start cooking. And Neal says he doesn’t like cleaning up after me, I wonder why.

And this is what I do while waiting 2 hours for the chicken to cook. 🙂 I think I earned it.

After the chicken is done, you take the whole thing out and take off the meat. I used my hands. It was messy. Then you put the meat back in and add salt and pepper, and noodles if you want, and its done!

Hmmm yummy soup! I love soup, and my mom makes the best. One time she put stuffing in a leftover thanksgiving turkey soup. Best. soup. ever. Maybe I’ll add some stuffing next time…

– Lizzie