Bruwers’ Boerewors Rolls

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Entertaining people in our house gives me such a rush. I really enjoy having them in my space, and sharing my life and the stuff I love. I especially like planning for such events. Organizing the get-together, brainstorming some decorations or activities, getting the house ready… But serving my guests good and the appropriate amount of food, often leaves me anxious . *Sidenote: that is why Lizzie and I make a great team – she makes delicious and fancy-looking food, and I love creating the atmosphere!

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Birthday Tea Party

I love parties! Parties have been a theme around here lately, Natasja has thrown three! I also love tea, so I really love tea parties. I threw my first tea party when I was 10 years old. It was American Girl doll themed. My younger sisters and our friends were all invited, we dressed up, held our dolls and ate finger sandwiches and cookies and drank tea. It was all things lovely and delightful.

I’m still throwing tea parties, and my sisters are still coming to them, but this time the boys were invited too! We had a family birthday tea party to celebrate our July birthdays – just because we could! It turned into more of a brunch tea than afternoon tea, and that’s just fine with me. If there’s anything as good as tea, it’s brunch.

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Our first 1st birthday party

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It has been a big week for the Louws! We celebrated two milestones in Joshua’s life – his very first birthday (gasp!) and his baptism. Oh boy, did we celebrate – not once, not twice, but three parties in one week! I was in my element. At last I could throw the party that I have been dreaming of even before Joshua was born! I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I looove throwing parties. Especially themed ones. And for extra special occasions. And for kids. And now for my own kiddie!

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