My first year as a mom

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Since it was Joshua’s birthday recently, I’ve been reflecting on my first year as a mom. Oh, what an adventurous year it has been! It’s hard to even imagine what life was like before this little man came along. My mommy mantra has become change is the only constant. Do not, under any circumstances, get comfy with how things are right now. It’s a baby’s superpower to keep you on your toes. And yet, the most meaningful thing I’ve learnt is that I am more capable than I ever thought myself to be – even when I am sleep deprived! Though it doesn’t always feel like it, I know I can handle whatever Joshua throws at me, especially when arming myself with a glass of liquid courage – or energy – in one hand, and Google in the other.

As time has rocketed by, my heart has grown in ways that are hard to articulate. I can however, pass on a few golden nuggets I have accumulated this year. Here are my few lists of threes:

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8 Ways to Use Baskets Around the House

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I love our new house more the longer we live here. The open floor plan feels cozy, the sun bakes on my bed in the afternoon, and it’s fairly easy to keep clean. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why you build a house with so little storage space! Specifically in the main bedroom. There is a nice en-suite bathroom, but just a cupboard and a half to share between two people. Storage sells, people! Just watch HGTV if you don’t believe me.

Well storage challenge accepted! Especially since it gives me the excuse to display my love for baskets everywhere, as you will see below.

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