Painting with Infants // Part 2

Joshua really enjoys playing with magical things like paint, and recently, crayons. His face lights up when his blank canvas turns into colour. I’d like to think it’s his inner Picasso coming out, but he is also exploring cause-and-effect…

Last month I shared with you the mess free method of paint in a bag, that works just as well now that Joshua is older, as when he was a baby staying entertained during tummy time. But he is more capable now and changing things up a bit is just as good for me as it is for him. However, (confession) I still like things to be stress and (mostly) mess free. Here is how we paint with a ball!

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Painting with Infants // Part 1

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Seeing kids explore and play with paint is so fun – they dive right into this colorful, creative world without restraint. But let’s face it, painting takes effort, and painting with an infant is a challenge even before you begin. I was, however, intent on helping my baby explore and discover the wonderful world of art. I don’t mind Joshua getting messy, but the problem is that he (still) puts everything in his mouth. And if it doesn’t go in, he licks it, so just giving him some paint is impossible at this point. So, in the days when I could Pinterest to my heart’s content, I found an idea to paint that suits both Joshua and I – keeping the paint in the bag! He can enjoy being creative, and I don’t have to stress out about cleaning a messy table… and floor, and chair, and baby and clothes and…  Well you get the idea.  

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Free Adult Colouring Page Printables

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We just returned form a short holiday with my parents in Stilbaai. Apart from sleeping in – thanks to Ouma and Oupa for taking care of Joshua – our days were filled with lots of R&R, walks on the beach, cake and coffee, and trinket shopping. It was great!


My favourite times were when my mom would cover the dining table with all her coloured pencils to create another, or rather, work for a few more hours on the same stress free masterpiece in her adult colouring book. I soaked up her creative juices and played around with some drawings for her to take home. It was a fun first attempt, and I think I might have been bitten by the doodle bug again.

Free Printables

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