Cape Town Adventures: Cape Point and Dias Beach

Visiting Cape Point and Dias Beach is a must for any trip to Cape Town. Its the end of the Cape Peninsula and feels a bit like the end of the world! People go for the views, and boy are they are worth it. Breathtaking blues and greens stretching for miles, water and mountains melding together. On a clear day you can see the mountains all the way around False Bay.Read More →

Cape Peninsula: Where gypsies might stay put

Cape Peninsula, Cape Town

Tobi and I have gypsy blood. We’ve moved house five times in our six years of marriage. It is always tough to say goodbye to friends. But we have never been so sad about leaving a place, as we are about moving away from the Cape Peninsula: green mountains all around, the ocean just ten minutes away on either side, chilled community vibes, the secretiveness that surrounds it all… Read More →