Snapshots: September 2015

Lizzie and I didn’t get to connect much this month, in person or on the blog. But it seems we have been up to very similar things… September has been a crazy month on both sides of the Atlantic – where is this year going?! But let’s be honest, board games and wine make the time fly way faster, especially when it’s with friends, old or new.

Lizzie’s Snapshots

1. My 10th Stitch Fix box brought a fall sweater, in this new mustard yellow that seems to be in style. It’s different, I like it! 2. For Labor Day, I spontaneously jumped on a plane and went to visit the Dotterers in Delaware. They are loving life on the east coast and it was so good to catch up with them. We miss them so! The first day we swam in the Chesapeake Bay and ate Maryland crabs, hands on food is fun! 3. Gavin is growing so big! He was such a cutie, giggling and laughing, and it’s safe to say he likes his Aunt Lizzie. 4. We went to Brandywine Battlefield in nearby Pennsylvania, and on the property was the “Constitution Tree” which is about 400 years old. It was HUGE! 5. This red Pennsylvania barn was part of a farm started around the end of the 17th century, and before they built the house the first owners lived in a nearby cave! 6. We had fun reading about the history of the Battle of Brandywine. 7. Goats do Roam is another South African wine that the Louws introduced us to while in Lincoln. We do love our South African wine! 8. Settlers of Catan is the gateway drug to board games. It was fun to get it out and play again after so long. It’s also the game I win the most so I don’t know why we don’t play more… 9. I took Neal to Omaha with me to go couch shopping for our new City Impact building. This couch was pretty trendy looking, and the pop-up back was sweet, but it only came in white leather. Teens + white couch = no. 10. I’m going back to doing more meal planning during the week, which means we’re trying to eat healthier. Glad its getting cold so I can make soup! 11. My mom went to the IF:Local conference in Orlando and brought me back this lovely IF necklace 12. I’ve been trying to start running, err jogging. Slowly. I really love the Lincoln trails, and the weather has been lovely.

Natasja’s Snapshots

1. Joshua and I visited Babylonstoren (one of Lizzie’s favourite places too!) with friends to look at the fruit and veggies bloom. But what impressed the two boys the most, was the irrigation channels. We could not get them out of the water! Luckily it was  a warm, sunny day. 2. Since spring is in the air, we worked in our very own garden – such grown-ups! We even bought plants, and a sprayer. 3. & 4. This month had a few firsts for us. We ordered a sound bar from (which arrived the very next day!), and did our grocery shopping online. Both were a bit scary, but successful – October’s groceries are actually due on Monday. 5. The Slow Market stays a favourite… We had a picnic under the trees with this delicious bread, and flat whites of course. 6. September is one of my favourite months being back in South Africa, because it’s whale season! We took a lovely drive down the coast to Hermanus where we spent the windy day watching my favourite animals. 7. 8. & 9. We stayed in an awesome house with a few friends for a weekend away to Jacobsbaai – it had a gorgeous view of the ocean, and had a heated pool. On the way back, we went to the West Coast National Park to see the explosion of colourful flowers that happens every August and September. The carpet of flowers is beautiful, and stretches out far and wide. We saw a lot of eland, zebra and bontebokke too. And so many tortoises – bonus! 10. Ah! The wonderful colour of fresh, new green leaves… 11. After visiting friends in Fish Hoek, we stopped for this view from Silvermine. Another reminder why I love (and miss) the peninsula so much. 12. This month was also jam packed with board games – a telltale sign that our social life is blooming.

What have you been up too?

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