Snapshots: October 2015

October marked the seasons changing. In Stellenbosch we are sleeping with the windows open again, wearing sunscreen and hats and trading my rooibos tea for iced tea (or better yet, Crystal Light that Lizzie brought from the US in March). In Lincoln though the menu changed from white wines to heavier reds, and Halloween costumes had long sleeves.  Lizzie and I are still busy, and getting busier as the end of 2015 draws near. Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.

Natasja’s Snapshots

  1. We found the infamous Stellenbosch University sportsgrounds, with hiking trails up the mountain, just in time for summer. The small hike with this gorgeous view wet our appetites for some more outdoor time. 2. I love markets – see here and here! Especially close to Christmas time. And Kamersvol Geskenke (Rooms full of Gifts) did not disappoint.  3. We skipped spring and went straight into what felt like the hottest day ever. Joshua cooled off outside playing in the water. 4. & 5. We celebrated Joshua’s first Halloween as a construction worker and his roadworks. My friend got all creative with the treats and games as she educated the South Africans on one of my favourite days of the year. 6. I got to make Lizzie’s delicious crisp recipe twice in the last two weeks. So yummy! 7.  I accidentally stepped on this poor little guy, and he made me pay for two days with pain and discomfort. First bee sting in years. 8. This is my life now – in every room of the house. I decided that cleaning up before the end of the day will all be in vain. Thank goodness Joshua can play outside now. 9. I love the architecture of the NG Moederkerk Stellenbosch – the second oldest church building in South Africa. 10. Too much fun and excitement leads to falling asleep like this. His changing nap schedule might also have something to do with it… Any advice moms? 11. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… The two boys being curious together. Notice Joshua’s new found love for sitting on anything resembling a seat. 12.  I did the Strengthfinder test – at last! And it seems that creating this blog, with one of my best friends,  is right up my alley…

Lizzie’s Snapshots

1. October was full of studying and longer hours at work for me… just trying to keep my head above water some days! 2. Neal and I got out Ticket to Ride, one of the board games that we haven’t played in a while. It reminded me of our train rides in Europe… 3. Late date nights mean margaritas and wings at Applebees and watching the Royals win! 4. It’s full on soup weather around here and I made my favorite potato soup recipe from Pioneer Woman. It starts with bacon so you know its gonna be good. 5. We started program up in our new building with the kiddos! I love our new furniture and space. Its coming together little by little! 6. The middle school girls room was equally excited about chicken fingers, class parties, supporting each other and being awesome. I think they are going to have a good year. 7. GUYS. Chick-fil-a FINALLY came to Lincoln. This is me at 7 am after Neal and I went down there to get breakfast on opening morning. 8. I need more coffee shop time in my life – its my favorite part of Saturdays. 9. I asked my dad for his famous chili recipe, and since he doesn’t have one (of course) all I got were ingredients. It turned out pretty tasty, but not quite like dads. 10. Neal took to me a show at the Lied Center for my birthday, A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder. It’s always fun to do something different and it was a great comedy. 11. We went to a halloween party and I was a minion, thanks to the banana sweater we had in our ugly sweater box. We played fish bowl with some new friends and I think they are still going to invite us back, even after seeing my competitive side *ahem*. So that’s a success, ha ha! 12. Trader Joe’s has flowers for all seasons, and these fall beauties have been gracing our living room table and reminding me that even though winter’s coming (uhg) I love the changing of seasons.


How are you handling the changing of seasons? Anything special on the calendar?


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