Painting with Infants // Part 1

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Seeing kids explore and play with paint is so fun – they dive right into this colorful, creative world without restraint. But let’s face it, painting takes effort, and painting with an infant is a challenge even before you begin. I was, however, intent on helping my baby explore and discover the wonderful world of art. I don’t mind Joshua getting messy, but the problem is that he (still) puts everything in his mouth. And if it doesn’t go in, he licks it, so just giving him some paint is impossible at this point. So, in the days when I could Pinterest to my heart’s content, I found an idea to paint that suits both Joshua and I – keeping the paint in the bag! He can enjoy being creative, and I don’t have to stress out about cleaning a messy table… and floor, and chair, and baby and clothes and…  Well you get the idea.  


  •        Paint
  •        A Ziploc bag
  •        Sellotape/Scotch tape (depending where you are in the world)


Add drops of paint (using a spoon works great) in different places inside the Ziploc bag. Spread the individual colours around so that it has space to flow into each other (and without turning brown immediately). Close the bag. Tape it to the ground or table. Watch as your kiddo explores the colours spreading around, running into each other and changing as they press on the bag.

If you put a white paper underneath, the colours will stand out better. Or put a piece of paper inside if you want something for the fridge – just make sure it doesn’t get too soggy. I once added a little note to the finished painting, and sent it to the grandmas with a couple of printed photos – a nice handmade gift from Joshua. Or try taping the bag against the window. The light coming in from the back, gives this piece of art a stained glass window feel, and the little ones notice something’s different.

Joshua enjoys playing with paint and being distracted this way… Even if it is for only 10 minutes. And I am content with the mess-less creativity.



  • This is a great activity for tummy time. Joshua could spend almost 10 minutes playing happily with the paint when he was little.        
  • Make sure the bag is properly closed, and tape it to prevent it from leaking.
  • Use freezer bags. Joshua’s sharp little talons have scratched through some cheap bags I’ve used. Big messy mistake!
  • When taping to the table or the floor, tape all around the sides, not just the corners. Joshua loves getting his tiny fingers under things and pulling it off.


Another great stress free, mess free painting activity with little ones is painting with a ball – check it out here!

Do you enjoy painting with your kids? Does it stress you out too sometimes?


tummy time, mess free painting, creativity, baby, painting with baby, painting with todler



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