Potatoes with green beans, olives and basil

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One of the first recipes I tried from my favourite cookbook, River Cottage Veg Everyday, has since become my favourite dish. My copy automatically falls open at page 222 – though I really should know the recipe off by heart because of how often I make it!

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Sister Trip to Europe 2015: Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

In August, I took two of my younger sisters, Sarah and Hannah, on a trip to Europe. Best decision we made all year. So far I have written about My Favorite Things and our First Stop: Prague.

Our second destination (and my second favorite place of the whole holiday) was the medieval Czech town of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where we stayed for two relaxing nights. I liked this description by Lonely Planet, “Crowned by a spectacular castle, and centered on an elegant old town square, Český Krumlov is a pocket-sized Prague.”

Cesky Krumlov definitely reminds you of Prague – a quainter, quieter version of it. Even in August with all the other tourists, it wasn’t nearly as crowded. The Vltava River winds through the center, with the Old Town Square on one side and the Castle on the other. The whole center is untouched, with its cobblestone streets and medieval, renaissance, and baroque buildings. No cars are allowed (except for the occasional taxi) which makes it perfect for strolling. We felt like we stumbled upon a fairy tale village.Read More →

Snapshots: September 2015

Lizzie and I didn’t get to connect much this month, in person or on the blog. But it seems we have been up to very similar things… September has been a crazy month on both sides of the Atlantic – where is this year going?! But let’s be honest, board games and wine make the time fly way faster, especially when it’s with friends, old or new.

Lizzie’s Snapshots

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