Hi! I’m Lizzie

one of the two main contributors to this blog. I live in Lincoln, NE with my husband Neal and work at a local non-profit focusing on youth development. I’m starting my Master’s degree this fall (2015), studying Educational Psychology and I can’t wait to get back to school, I love learning and creating. I was also born with an unquenchable wanderlust and while I’ve lived in Nebraska since I was 4, I’m always planning a trip somewhere around the world. I still dream about traveling for a living, but for now work, travel, repeat, will be my life. When I’m not traveling you will find me at the local coffee shop, playing board games or planning a dinner party.

I’m also in the stage of life where my best friends no longer live near me. Keeping up long distance takes work, but it also gives us more reasons to travel! I’ve found that the best friendships don’t weaken over the miles, but grow even stronger. This blog is a way of keeping up across the ocean, as one of those best friends, Natasja, moved back to South Africa after living in Lincoln, NE for 5 years. Its our way of sharing our lives with each other, from recipes and diy, to travel adventures and memories. We also secretly hope to be a smashing success and fund all our future travel together. But one thing at a time.

Hope you enjoy your time on our blog, we sure do!

Me on safari in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa
Me on safari in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa


Me on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town.