Snapshots: October 2015

October marked the seasons changing. In Stellenbosch we are sleeping with the windows open again, wearing sunscreen and hats and trading my rooibos tea for iced tea (or better yet, Crystal Light that Lizzie brought from the US in March). In Lincoln though the menu changed from white wines to heavier reds, and Halloween costumes had long sleeves.  Lizzie and I are still busy, and getting busier as the end of 2015 draws near. Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.

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Painting with Infants // Part 2

Joshua really enjoys playing with magical things like paint, and recently, crayons. His face lights up when his blank canvas turns into colour. I’d like to think it’s his inner Picasso coming out, but he is also exploring cause-and-effect…

Last month I shared with you the mess free method of paint in a bag, that works just as well now that Joshua is older, as when he was a baby staying entertained during tummy time. But he is more capable now and changing things up a bit is just as good for me as it is for him. However, (confession) I still like things to be stress and (mostly) mess free. Here is how we paint with a ball!

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Potatoes with green beans, olives and basil

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One of the first recipes I tried from my favourite cookbook, River Cottage Veg Everyday, has since become my favourite dish. My copy automatically falls open at page 222 – though I really should know the recipe off by heart because of how often I make it!

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