About Us

Welcome to Two Sugars and a Suitcase! We’re two best friends, Lizzie Mattox (in Lincoln, NE) and Natasja Louw (Stellenbosch, SA) who decided blogging would be our platform to stay in touch and explore new things together – even while separated by an ocean.

Our lifestyle blog is focused on the things we love and aspire to build our lives around. From traveling the world to tea parties with friends, decorating the guest room to devouring a good novel, we love all things creative and beautiful. We’re figuring this thing out as we go (life and blogging) and we’re so excited about the adventures to come!

We love this quote from Peter Pan:

“Would you like an adventure now… or would you like to have your tea first?” – Peter Pan

And we think you should have both tea and travel – preferably at the same time!

So here’s to good coffee, skype dates, learning new things, best friends and lots of changes. Cheers!


See, here we are having high tea at the Mount Nelson while on adventure in Cape Town. Living the dream!